Hotkey Macro Program for AutoCAD


We at Command Digital Studios are efficiency freaks! We created AutoHook because we are too lazy to type commands and their options into AutoCAD. AutoCAD power users know that the keyboard is the fastest interface available for working with AutoCAD. AutoHook makes the fastest even faster by allowing you to customize your keyboard and mouse quickly and easily. AutoHook supports powerful macro commands that allow pausing for user input, macro looping, and sending special keys and mouse clicks to AutoCAD. Assign two macros to a single key using DoubleTap technology. Mouse hotkeys now supported – up to 5 buttons!


AutoHook is a tiny Windows tray application that “Hooks” onto AutoCAD keyboard and mouse input. If AutoHook detects a key-press or mouse-click that has an assigned macro, the macro is sent to AutoCAD. Sample macros are provided, but the real power is through your own customization.


Download a free evaluation copy for your version of AutoCAD today and watch your productivity soar !

Release Versions

AutoHook 2018 v1.0.4.00
for all AutoCAD 2018 PC versions

AutoHook 2017 v1.0.3.00
for all AutoCAD 2017 PC versions

AutoCAD 2016AutoHook 2016 v1.0.1.20
for all AutoCAD 2016 PC versions

AutoCAD 2015AutoHook 2015 v1.0.1.20
for all AutoCAD 2015 PC versions

AutoCAD 2014AutoHook 2014 v1.0.1.20
for all AutoCAD 2014 PC versions

AutoHook 2013 v2.0.3.00
for all AutoCAD 2013 PC versions

AutoHook 2012 v2.0.2.20
for all AutoCAD 2012 PC versions

AutoHook 2011 v2.0.2.20
for all AutoCAD 2011 PC versions

AutoHook 2010 v2.0.2.20
for all AutoCAD 2010 PC versions

AutoHook 2009 v2.0.2.20
for all AutoCAD 2009 PC versions

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